What is Keyword Research and How to do it as a beginner

In this blog post, we will discuss what is keyword research and how to do it. Good keyword research will help you to find the most important terms or phrases that can be important for your users.

In SEO, Keyword research is very important because your SEO strategy will be around your keywords. So, to understand keyword research let’s discuss what is keyword research first.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding all possible queries related to your website or business that a user can enter into the search engine. It is all about finding, sorting, and prioritizing keywords that are relevant to your business.

Why is keyword research important?

When we talk about SEO, the first thing that comes to our mind is increasing organic traffic and ranking at the top of SERPs, without doing keyword research it is not possible. Because when you don’t know which keyword you have to target, what will you do.

When you know which keyword you are targeting your job will be a little easy. Keywords research helps you to reach the right audience, increase lead and sales, find new relevant topics, get an improved impression on your ad campaigns, and build brand awareness.

With your keywords, you can write keyword-optimized content that will rank better than unoptimized content.

How to do keyword research as a beginner?

Now, I hope you get to know what is keyword research let’s know how to do it. For doing keyword research you have to think to link your audience, here are some steps to perform keyword research as a beginner.

  • Step #1. Brainstorm – You can take the help of your friends, family, clients, and team members if you want. Because the more brains, more thoughts and more chance of getting all possible queries your audience can perform.
  • Step #2. Google Autocomplete – You can use google for getting keyword ideas, just type your main keyword and note the autocomplete will give you related to your keyword.
  • Step #3. Related Searches – When you search for some query in google then at the end of that page you find some related searches that are done by other users, you can also add them to your list.
  • Step #4. People Also Ask – Use google’s people also ask section to get more keywords.
  • Step #5. Keyword sorting – After you will get too many keyword ideas you have to sort them first, you can do this on the basis of their monthly search volume, keywords difficulty, competition, CPC, search intent, and top-ranking results for your keyword.

As a beginner, you have to do all these steps to perform good keyword research. You can do the above 4 steps with google but for the fifth step, you need a keyword tool to know search volume, difficulty, and other things. So let’s know about some free and paid tools for doing keyword research.

Some of the Best Keyword research tools 

There are many tools available on the internet for doing keyword research. You can use any free and paid tools for doing keyword research that you like.

  • Google Keyword Planner: For me, Google keyword planner is the best tool for doing keyword research because it is free and also Google’s tool. So, the chance of being accurate with this tool is far more than any other tool. This tool can provide keyword information, monthly search volume, and keyword trends. If you are a beginner or a small business then it is best for you.
  • Google: Google itself gives you ideas for keyword research. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and use related searches for your keyword ideas. Also, you can use the “people also ask section”, this section will provide you with the most popular users queries related to your keyword.
  • Google trends: Google trend is the best tool for monitoring all ups and downs of the monthly searches for the keywords over time. Also, it will give you related query options, that you can use to get more ideas for keywords.
  • SEMRUSH: You can use SEMRUSH’s keyword overview tool, it will give you different keyword ideas related to your business. But it is a paid tool not recommended for beginners and small businesses.
  • Ahref: You can also use Ahref’s keyword tool where you will get keywords suggestions and all other details you need to know. But again, it’s also a paid tool, if you have too much money to spend you can you this.

These are the popular tools you can use for performing your keyword research, but these are not the only tools, there are many tools available on the internet which you can use. But most people use these tools because they provide more accurate data than others.

Note: My suggestion for you is to use the google keyword planner tool to know the monthly search volume and competition of a keyword and Google trends to see the trend of that keyword. Because as a beginner, you don’t have to use paid tools unless you have too much money and if you have you can do it.

Choosing the right keywords as Beginner

After doing keywords research we have a list of keywords with details like their monthly searches, keywords difficulty, competition, etc. As a beginner, you might have questions about how to choose the right keyword for your website or how to sort your keywords list.

To choose the right keywords you have to choose your keywords based on the following steps.

  • Search volume – Keywords search volume is the number of times a keyword is searched globally or in some specific countries. You can short keywords that have high search volume in your targeted region. Leave keywords that don’t have any search volume.
  • Competition – Keywords competition tells you how difficult is it going to be to rank on the first page for your targeted keywords organicallyKnowinga keyword competition can save a lot of time and effort for you. Competition mostly depends on keyword difficulty or competition level, depending on the tool you are using. Now short your list with the low competition or low keyword difficulty.
  • Trends – Keywordstrends help you determine the increase or decrease in your targeted keyword searches in the past few months. You can say that it tells you how popular is your keyword and how popular it will be going to be. Choose the keywords whose trends are increasing, so that you will get some potential traffic.
  • Business relevant – It is the most important step when you are selecting keywords for your business. Because ranking for a keyword is very good but how relevant is that keyword to your business. You have to choose keywords only which are relevant to your business. If you do this it will help you to solve your potential user’s need or question.

Now you have shorted the keyword list, it’s time to implement it in the right way. Optimize your content according to your list of keywords, so that your content will become more SEO-friendly.

Prioritize Keywords

Now, this is the time to prioritize your keywords it is based on competition, user intent, CPC, cost per click, and relevance. Optimize every page of your website for some keywords but don’t use the same keyword for two or more pages.

Because when your two pages rank for the same keyword then you are competing with yourself and your job will be difficult. So, give  Every page different keywords relevant to them.


In this post, we discussed what is keyword research and how to do it, the importance of keyword research, some best tools for doing keyword research, and how to prioritize and choose the right keywords as a beginner.

I hope you liked this post and get some informative knowledge about keyword research. Again I thank you for reading this post.

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