What is Technical SEO and its importance and benefits?

Technical SEO is an important part of SEO, some basic knowledge of SEO can result in ranking higher in SERPs. So, without wasting more time let’s start with what is Technical SEO, its importance and benefits, and how to do this.

In this post, we are going to talk about some basics of technical SEO which helps in our website’s ranking.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of improving all the technical aspects of the websites that help to rank higher in search engines. It is a part of on-page SEO because all the technical work done in technical SEO is within the website.

Importance and Benefits Of  Technical SEO

Search engine wants to serve their users the best results related to their query, so they crawl web pages on various factors. The most important factor is user experience, Google and other search engine want their users to have the best user experience. User experience depends on how fast a web page loads.

Some more factors of technical SEO are robots file, sitemaps, and structured data. By improving these technical factors, you help search engine bots easily crawl your website and understand the content of your webpage.

Some Important Aspects of Technical SEO

Let’s discuss one by one some major aspects of technical SEO that help you in improving your rankings in SERPs.

Site speed

Every site you want to rank needs to be fast because don’t have too much patience these days and don’t want to wait for a web page to open. An ideal webpage should load within 3 seconds because people can’t wait more than that. About 50 to 60% of users will leave the page if it is slow.

Want to check your website speed? Go to google page speed insight, it is a free tool and will let you know about overall page speed on mobile and desktop.

Internal Linking

Search engine uses their bots to crawl websites, these bots follow the links to understand your content. A strong internal linking will help these bots and also your users to easily navigate to other pages of your website.

Robots.txt File

Robots.txt file gives direction to search engine bots about which page they can crawl and index. This file contains a code that tells search engines which page you want to block from them and which page they can index.

If you have done anything wrong with it or added an extra slash will result in blocking search engines from crawling your website. So, whenever you are working with this file be careful.

Meta Robots Tags

With meta robots tags you can guide search engines on which page they don’t have to index. With these tags, we can instruct them to crawl a page.

Dead Links or Broken Links

Don’t know what is dead links or broken links? Let’s know first what is a dead link or broken link.

A dead link is a link that has been deleted or moved to a new URL. Check for the dead links and remove them or redirect them to a new URL, so they will not cause any errors.

Make sure your website doesn’t have broken or dead links. However, most of the sites have broken or dead links. For preventing dead links, we should have redirected the page when we delete or move them.

Canonical Tag

If your website or blog has the same content on multiple pages then it will confuse search engines on which page, they have to index or which page is original and which one is duplicate. If the search engine ranks both pages you can have duplicate content issues.

Sometimes this issue is caused to a page when it has both HTTP or HTTPS and www or non-www versions. You can redirect them to HTTPS as this is secure and safe and it will solve this error.

To solve this error we use canonical tags, we can indicate to search engines through this tag which page is original and they can index without causing any error.

SSL Certificate

Nowadays, Search engines rank websites that use HTTPS as compared to non-HTTPS. Because when we sent data from a non-HTTPS website it is not secure, anyone can interrupt data and read it whereas in HTTPS it is all secure. When you are using HTTPS people log in to your website and their login credential is safe.

Search engine knows the importance of an SSL certificate, they made it a direct ranking signal. Make sure to use SSL on your website not only because it is a ranking factor but for security, you have to use it.

Structured Data or Schema Markup

Structured data or schema markup helps search engines to understand your website content so that they can index them correctly. With schema, we can tell search engines about what kind of content we have on our webpage link products, recipes, reviews, articles, news, etc.

Schema is nothing but a code that every search engine can understand because it has a fixed format you can read more at schema.org if you want.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap has an extension of .xml so that search engines can understand the roadmap of the web pages on your website. If your site has a strong internal linking that will connect all your pages then it is not necessary, but it is always recommended to use a sitemap.

Hreflang tag

Hreflang tag is useful when you have a multilingual website or different versions of your website in a different language. If you want to target more than one country where more than one language is spoken then the search engine needs the help of hreflang tag where you can help the search engine to show the right content in the right area or right country.

With hreflang tag, you can show the same content in different languages in different countries.


Improving or optimizing all these aspects mentioned above will give the advantage to rank higher in SERPs.

In this post, we discuss what is technical SEO and why it is important. Also, we got to know the various important aspects of technical SEO which help you to rank higher.

That’s all about Technical SEO, if you have some queries, you can contact me, and we will provide you solution for your problem. Thanks for reading this post.

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